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Traditions and innovations

Correspondence department in Lebedyan Teacher Training College has existed since 1962. There were different people who headed this department. They were: Leontiev E.N., Sarycheva V.N., Svintsova N.S., Mochalina V.M. Nowadays Kuzhel G.M. leads the correspondence department. Highly qualified and talented teachers work there.
About 80% of the students of the correspondence department work in education. The graduates of the correspondence department are: S.U. Kozlova (methodologist of pre-school education MBU KIROiRO in Lebedyan),  V.I. Bushneva(the head of MBDOU kindergarten № 6, a teacher of the highest qualification category, who was awarded by breastplate “Excellent worker in public education”), G.A. Chugunihina (veteran of pedagogical work, excellent worker  of public education, who was awarded the medal “For labour”).
Increasing of the number of students  with full compensation  of training cost  is developing. This is due to  the growing of demand for specialty “nursery school teacher”, which is a major specialty in the correspondence department.

The number of students in the correspondence department

Department of pre-school Education in Lipetsk is a reliable social partner of our  college who annually sends a large number of students.  And our college  satisfies the needs  of our region for qualified specialists for  preschools.

The dynamics of production of specialists in the correspondence department

The quality of training specialists determines by the results of final state certification.

The quality of training and  the average score of graduates on the results of IGA (correspondence department)

The average quality of knowledge on the results of  the IGA has been  76,6% from 2009 to 2013. Average mark is 4.1.
The number of students who graduated  with diplomas  with “honours” is 15,7% among the total number  of graduates.

The number  of students (% of total contingent) who received diplomas with “honour”.

Educational process is focused on the individual work of students. Its main aim is organization, direction, control of students, providing them  with educational assistance  for each subject which is included in the curriculum.

Informational and communication  technologies are widely used  by teachers in the educational process to prepare  practical materials and tests.

The teachers of our college  use different forms  of work organization, interactive methods, project technology, conduct  psychological  trainings. Also they  teach students the skills of effective group activities, reflection. Thanks to that,  a positive  emotional background  of the group is created.
Students will acquire the skills of working  with an  interactive whiteboard, using it  in primary schools.
In the correspondence department the basics of distance learning are introduced, which helps students to get education wherever they live.
Student activities, information about interesting events are contained on the stand  and in  student magazine “News of the correspondence department”. Materials  about the activities  of the department are  available  on the website of our college.
To communicate with students  we can use email: zaochnik.lpk@gmail.com.
The  activity “Dedication  to part-time  students” has become traditional.  Excursions to the museum of our college, to the museum of local lore are organized for students.  All these activities  make student  life more interesting, and they feel themselves as a part  of a large family of our college.

Thus,  in the correspondence department  of our college  purposeful work is organized to improve the quality  of teacher training  in accordance  with the requirements  of modern education.