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The Lebedyan Teacher Training College is one of the oldest  educational  institution of the Lipetsk Region known for its  unique and long history. This educational institution formed in  1918 has retained faithfulness and  devotion its best traditions.

During the lifetime the educational institution  has changed many appellations: teacher training courses,  Teacher Training Technical School,  Teacher Training School,  Teacher Training College. But despite  the different names, it is always fulfills its main function to  train highly qualified and competitive professionals. Nowadays the college is one of the  most modern  educational institution  not only in the Lipetsk Region, but also in Russia.  In 2008 our college  became the  laureate of the “Gold medal European  Quality” in the nomination “The best 100 colleges of Russia”.  In 2009 the college  received  a certificate of  conformity of the international quality  management system “Certification center of  quality and  development”. In 2010 our college was introduced in the National Register “Leading Educational Institutions of Russia”.

People say that nothing is more  inspiring teaching, as  a personal example of a mentor, a teacher and a leader.  There are a lot of teachers who have something to be proud. Nowadays the authority of  college is high which can provide high-quality training  for specialists.
Nowadays the Lebedyan Teacher Training College provides educational activities according to the requirements of secondary vocational schools. It has a certificate of state accreditation and license  training. The college has  full-time and  correspondence education in the following  specialties:
  - a primary school teacher,  a primary school teacher and a teacher  of Informational Technology;
  - a nursery school teacher;
  - a teacher of music and  choreography.
Existing specialties  have transformed and new specialties have appeared to be useful for  society. The Lebedyan  Teacher Training College has begun training in the form of external studies since the 1st of September in 2009. Also it has trained students in the specialty “Insurance business” since 2007.  It has begun training  students  in the specialty “Tourism” since 2008 due to the creation of tourist and recreational zones.
The list of paid additional educational services annually expands.  Additional training  courses “Computer user”, “Guide-interpreter” have provided since 2006. Refresher Coursers of teachers in pre-school education have provided since 2009. The Center of Distance  Learning  has existed since 2012.  This  Center provides its services with the help  of distance technologies. 
The material base is annually improved which leads to successful and progressive development of our college.  There are a lot of classrooms, laboratories,  three computer labs,  the center of distance learning equipped  with modern technologies, a gymnasium, a dance hall,  a gym,  a methodical study, assembly hall, two  shooting ranges, a library, a dining room for 150 people,  a four-stored student hostel for  210 seats.
Information and personality-oriented technologies, technology of creative development and project technology, which are used by the teachers promote raising the educational level of students. 
The quality of training of your professionals is high which  is shown during the final tests and exams online.  Students  show good results participating  in regional, inter-regional and Russian competitions, contests, festivals and scientific conferences. 
Teaching practice promotes  the formation  of general  and communicative  competences. Students receiving teaching profession conduct lessons and out-work activities and train  educational skills and increase the level of  professional skills. They have summer practice at the base of “Chaika”,  “Prometey” and their local camps. Close social  partnership and effective cooperation  with tourism companies and agencies, hotels and museums of the Lipetsk region as well as with companies “Rosgosstrah” and  “Alfastrahovaniye” promote improvement of professional skills of students in Tourism and Insurance. 
The demanding of college graduates in the labor market is high (about 80%). Staffing problems in the Lipetsk Region are solving with the help of students of our college. 
Our college gives opportunities for active and interesting leisure activities, helps to realize their potential  in student life, in various activities and creative  associations: Student Scientific  Society, brass band, an ensemble of  folk instruments,  an ensemble of folk dance “Ivushka”, an ensemble of folk song  “Rodniki”, an instrumental ensemble “Dvoroviye rebyata”,  Pedagogical  depachment “Creative”, club “Preschooler”, the circle of clay toy, sports clubs (volleyball, football, basketball,  weight lifting, athletics, tennis and others).
Enthusiasm of our students allows them  to win prizes in various  creative  and sports competitions, volunteer events and social arrangements.
During  its  existence, the college has graduated 16.000 teachers. There are   honored teachers  of the Russian Federation, excellent teachers and honorable workers  of education,  laureates of  the premium of  K.A. Moskalenko and G.I. Gorskaya, laureates  of “Teacher of the year”, heads of educational institutions, teachers of colleges among college graduates.
The Lebedyan Teacher Training College  remains the center of spiritual, moral and cultural development of the young generation”.