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Lebedyan is  one of the oldest  town in central Russia. Traditions of education have deep roots in Lebedyan.  In 1768 Slovenian School was opened by  Tihon  Zadonsky where  children of clergy studied arithmetic, writing, reading and singing.  It  became the first  educational  institution  in town  on the first of January in 1787. .  The urban  parish school was opened in 1828. Female School was opened in 1861. Male gymnasium  was opened  in 1876.  Male gymnasium  has been located in the building  at the corner  of  Hristorozhdestvenskaya Street (Mira Street) and  Kuzminskaya Street (Internatsionalnaya Street) since 1883.  Today it is one  of the buildings of Lebedyan Teacher  Training College.

Old building of Lebedyan Teacher Training College

The history of college started at the beginning  of XX century in  the  Lithuanian city of  Novo-Vialejsk where  it was opened in 1914.  In August 1918 Novo-Vialejskaya Seminary moved  to Lebedyan of Tambov province and on the 6th of October lessons  began  at  a new location where there were 5 classes and 80 students.  On the 1st of September  in 1919 the Seminary  was recognized  into three-year  teacher training  courses.

Graduates of 1929

In September 1921, Teacher  Training Courses  were transformed into  Teacher Training Technical  Secondary School. In 1934 it got his first passport.

Graduates of  1933

In 1938 teacher training  technical secondary school was transformed   into a teacher  training  school. This name  remained  until 1993. Every year its prestige and popularity was growing During the Great  World War and educational  process was not  interrupted despite the  proximity of the front (Yelets). Many graduates  of  Lebedyan Teacher  Training  school went to  the front where they  fought  against  the  enemies.  A number of students  of this educational institution was awarded orders and medals.  The Hero  of the Soviet Union Mikhail Morkovin  was among them.

The Hero of Soviet  Union Morkovin Mikhail Vasilievich

After the war a lot of teachers  enthusiastically   worked to improve training  for primary school teachers.   Shortage of  skilled workers in  preschool area prompted the  Ministry  of Education  to open  full time preschool  department in Lebedyan teacher training school in  1957 and five years later the correspondence  pre-school department  was opened.

Practice in  kindergarten

In 1978 Vladimir  Efimovich  Tonkih became the director of teacher training school. He had been a director for 7 years.  During these years the school continued  to open new fields od specializations, based on the needs of time.  Since 1983 this school has begun to teach students  to work with  six-year-old children.
In 1986  a new modern educational  building at 640 locations was built. It had  sports and  assembly  halls, a dining room and  equipped classrooms.

New building of Lebedyan Teacher Training College

During these years great teachers and masters of their craft, awarded  the title “Honoured Russian  school teacher” were  working there. They are:  the director  of teacher training school Nikolay Petrovich Konovalov, a head teacher Aleksandr Petrovich Golyashin, a skilled teacher  Vyacheslav  Mikhailovich Yasenkov,  Mariya Semyonovna  Logunova, Larisa Grigorevna Monaenkova, Valentina VCasilievna Shitova, Mariya  Petrovna  Smoliyaninova, Galina Sergeevna Sachkova, Ludmila Sergeevna Pozdnyakova.
At the beginning of  October  in 1993  Lebedyan Teacher training  school received the status of college. Galina Sergeevna Sachkova has leaded  the college  since 2006.

Galina Sergeevna Sachkova

Nowadays  45  teachers, 7 part-time teachers,  4 nursery school teachers work  at college. Students  are trained in the following specialties: primary school teachers,  nursery school teachers, pedagogy  of additional education, tourism,  insurance. There are 299 students  of daily  department and 312 students of correspondence department. Well-established educational process  allows to train highly qualified  specialists  who have become the glory of our college:
  - Ermachenko Alexey Ivanovich is a  graduate of  1962, a candidate  of historical science, who  has worked  for many  years in the House of People’s Friendship in Moscow;
  - Kuzovlev Valery Petrovich is a graduate of  1965, a rector  of Eletsk State University, a Doctor of pedagogical Science, a Professor,  a Honored Worker  of  Higher Education, a Member  of the International Slavic Academy;
  - Lavrova Lubov Nikolaevna is the graduate of 1972, a teacher of the  Lipetsk State Pedagogical University;
  - Isaev Evgeny Ivanovich is a graduate of  1972,  a Doctor of pedagogical  science, a teacher of Tula pedagogical University LN Tolstoy;
  - Sarycheva Olga  Nikolaevna is a graduate  of 1975, a vice-rector of Elets State University IA Bunin;
  - Slavgorodskaya Elena Lvovna is a graduate of 1982, a candidate of pedagogical  science;
  - Shamaeva Anna Mitrofanovna is a graduate of 1983, a  candidate of pedagogical  science, a chairman of  the Administration of Education and Science in Lipetsk;
  -  Dubrovsky Vladimir  Victorovich is a graduate of  1999,  a deputy  of correspondence  department  of musical  and pedagogical faculty in Elets State University IA Bunin, a teacher of singing, a winner  of national and  international festivals  and competitions, a  soloist  in Ensemble of  Song and Dance.